Colorful blossom

I found this beautiful dahlia on my way to work. Hope you've got an exciting weekend planned. It's going to be a hot one in Berlin, but you know where I'll be - on the golf course!

Molecule Man

I really like this sculpture, Molecule Man, from American sculptor Jonathan Borofsky. You'll find the three guys hanging out on the Spree just near the Oberbaumbrücke.

Potsdamer Platz

I love the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz. I often head over there to go to the movies and I always have to take a picture of the futuristic architecture. I never get tired of it! It's Wednesday again and you'll find more signs at Signs, Signs.

Hydrangea season

The hydrangea season has passed, but I still have memories of all the beautiful plants and bushes I passed on my way to and from work. This white beauty really flowered nicely. Sometimes I miss having my own garden, but it certainly is nice to enjoy someone else's green thumb!


It was fun zipping through the U-Bahn stations on the open train. I got a funny reflection of us passing through Richard Wagner Platz. For more take a look at Weekend Reflections. Happy Friday!

Under the arches

It was such fun exploring underground. The architecture of the tunnels is really fascinating, it's just a shame most people never get to see this side of the city.

Tunnel Tour

I finally got to do the U-Bahn Tunnel Tour back in June after waiting a bit more than two years! You have to sign up early in the year to get booked as they are limited in space and only run a few months of the year. I was actually scheduled to go last October, but due to technical difficulties, it was cancelled (the first time that ever happened to a Tunnel Tour, apparently).

In any case, it was worth the wait. You ride through the U-Bahn tunnels on this open train. It was so much fun! I took a lot of pictures, but not many are actually worth showing, but hopefully I can dig out a few. Don't forget to check out Signs, Signs for your Wednesday fix.

On the Spree

I'm not sure what the significance of this old boat is, but it makes a nice focal point out on the Spree. I can't believe August is already halfway over. I don't want the summer to end yet! You'll find more treasures at Tuesday Treasures.

The people's thread

I recently found this craft shop with its colorful facade and funny name. Unfortunately, it was closed when I stopped by, but I hope to get back and see inside. Hope you had a great weekend. Don't forget to stop by Mural Monday

August theme day: City skyline

Here's a look at one of the icons of Berlin's skyline, the Fernsehturm, affectionately known to Berliners as the Telespargel. In the foreground you also have the lovely Oberbaumbrücke and if you look carefully between the two towers of the bridge, you can also see the Rotes Rathaus, Berlin's main City Hall. 

Of course there are other Skyline views of Berlin that are popular, such as the Brandenburg Gate or a look out over the city from the Reichstag, but I find this view especially nice as it's right over the Spree river. And I was lucky to catch some paddlers making their way westward into the city.

I can't believe another month has rolled around. I don't want the summer to end! Hope you've been enjoying your sunny days as much as I have. For more interpretations of this month's theme, take a look here.

Cool dude

Perhaps this is a self-portrait of the artist who painted this mural? He at least appears to be friendly with his big smile.

Here's a better look at the wall, it's really quite a large area! This one is on the side of a building near an S-Bahn station in Schoneberg. More murals can be found at Mural Monday

PS: I'm posting more regularly on Halcyon Travels. Please stop by and take a look.

Sunset on the canal

The clouds catch the last of the light as the sun goes down in Berlin. Hope you have a great weekend planned and enjoy every last day of this fantastic summer! More skies can be found at Skywatch.

Sorry I haven't been posting here much. Work keeps me so busy, but I am keeping active on Facebook and Instagram. I'm also posting more regularly on my travel blog

PS: Happy Bastille Day to my French readers!

Floral bench

A look back at the beautiful rhododendrons in my neighborhood. I just love these small gardens you can find on almost every corner. It's a great way for the public to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Happy Independence Day to all my American readers!!!

July theme day: Look down

If you keep your eyes to the ground when walking through Bebelplatz near the Gendarmenmarkt, you won't be able to miss the Memorial to the Nazi Book Burning. The empty bookshelves represent the universities and libraries that were emptied of all "un-German" works and publicly burned in the square on May 10, 1933. 

I took this photo in the evening when the room is brightly lit and creates a stark contrast to the black night. The memorial was created by Israeli artist, Micha Ullman. It's a stark reminder of those terrible times. As people would later learn, the words of Herman Hesse rang true, "Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people." 

Another month has rolled around. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers! Don't forget to take a look here for more interpretations on this month's theme.

PS: For the moment, I'm posting more often at Halcyon Travels. Stop by and take a look!

June theme day: Shadow and highlight

I love the way the light is streaming through this window onto the wooden floor and wall braces. My building is getting a new roof and we recently got to take a look around in the eaves before work got underway. I was lucky to get a few nice shots, though it was generally somewhat dark up there.

I can't believe another month has rolled around. Where does the time go? For more interpretations of this month's theme, click here.
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